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save the earth:On the morning of April 2nd◁▽△, Zhaoying East Road, Anyuan District, Pingxiang City☆▲□=, Jiangxi Province▲●★, and some people came to the door of Jiangxi Pingxiang Energy Group Company to discharge firecrackers■▪, and the banner pulled up -◇”big fun, grabbed Li Liangshi”. Mr. Wang in the scene told the upstream journalist▼☆▲☆, “Jiangxi coal tiger Li Liangzhi was arrested two years later, and the anti-corruption is deep, we must celebrate.” The resume showed that the 66-year-old Li Liangshi, once served as Chairman of Jiangxi Pingxiang Mining Group, 2007 Ended to Jiangxi Coal Group Co., Ltd=△▷.=-, as the general manager△•▲, party secretary☆•◆; December 24, 2014, Jiangxi Coal Group Correled Named Jiangxi Energy Group Company○□=, Li Liang Shi as the general manager, deputy secretary of the party committee, until February 2016 retirement▲●. On March 30 this year, the Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission issued a news: Jiangxi Provin.

The Member of Ma Xizhen accepts the interview with the reporter of the Peoples Network. Peoples Network reporter Wang Zhencheng title: Ma Xiizhen, member: If you want to solve the peoples visit to the doctors medical treatment, the Peoples Network Beijing March 5 (Reporter Wang Zhen) Opening a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang made a ☆•▽●”government work report◁◁★”. “I think it is to reform…◁, all the problems are relying on reform.……” Talking about the “Government Work Report•◇”-☆-, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the vice chairman of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Political Consultative Conference said that if you use a word▽▪▲, it is – reform Including the reform of the government, the reform of the economy, the ecological environment■★, social undertakings★■□△, this reform should be a comprehensive. If you want to say a keyword, that is★◁, it is implemented●●●▽, no matter how much move, how big blueprint□●■-, more beautif○☆….

Original title: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: China 5G R & D ranks in the world will be with entity economic integration international online news: Chen Zhaoxiong, deputy director of China Industry and Information Technology★○, pointed out that China will promote cross-industry cooperation in the development of 5G application development, promote 5G The induction of the inner economy depth, innovation 5G and transportation•▼, medical, environment and other public services are integrated. At present, the global 5G is in a critical period of accelerated development, many operators in foreign countries are committed to promoting 5G commercial deployment, seizing technology. In this context, Chinas 5G R & D has received an external attention◆◁. At the 5G industry application seminar organized by the China Information Communications Research Institute☆△…△, Chen Zhaoxion••, deputy director of China Industry and Information Technology, introduced Chinas 5G R & D. ■△▷”my country !

Original title▲▪: Economic Daily Social editorial Fu Hua has served as the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Fuhua Beijing University of Aeronautics University. The latest news…◁…•: Fu Huayuan is a member of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee□•, Minister of Propaganda■○. Fu Hua resume◁△, Han nationality, born in August 1964, Jiangsu, Dongren○▼, in December 1993, July 1985 participated in the work, graduated from the Party history of the Peoples University of China, graduated from the postgraduate degree, Ph.D., editor. In November 2016, he was elected as the vice chairman of the Chinese Journalist Association. He was elected as Particile Secretary and President of Beijing Daily, and the current editor-in-chief of the current economic daily society. (Source▽=: China Report Network) Editor: Zhang Y moda fabric wholesale pride t shirt red satin!

Original title●△★▪: Viewing Hai Xie Shu: The Supreme Legal Judgment is colluded with the lawyer. After the total number of people were arrested for 2 years, the highest law in the first court of the first trial of the first trial of the Yang Hongguang▲▪•, was rejected by the Beijing High Court by Beijing High Court. Maintaining the original judgment – 6 years in prisoners, a fine of 300,000. View journalists noticed that this persons acceptance of bribery has a total of 6-◆, including 3 cases of lawyers▷▷…•, a partnership-●▪☆, can receive a total of 24□=•▪.04 million yuan. However, its actual acquisition of 1 million yuan, the rest of the money is identified as accepting bribes. Wang Hongguang information map book is from the ▼△▪”Guanhai Solutions▪▼…” WeChat public number borrowed 6 times△○◇, the lawyer became the final trial of the money tank, Wang Hongguang was born in Zhucheng, Shandong, November 1962△…, The highest fadin trial long.◇☆.sustainable fabric supplier – tailor made fric cheap faux leather,