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togetherforacleanocean:Original title○…: Hua Sheng Ying Tang Sino-US trade war▲•: One will not be afraid that in May 21, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the reporter asked☆▪: According to the “Wall Street Daily”, the US Chamber of Commerce, the United States The retailer association, the US Information Technology Industry Council…▷◁, etc. representing the 45 trading associations of the United States to petitions to the government○★, urge not to collect tariffs on China, warning such as forcibly taxing will damage the US economy, consumers and competitiveness-●. In addition, there is reported that the “Global Market Initiative▪☆” IGM Forum held by Chicago Bos Mechanism, 43 top economists warned that taxation helplessness helplessness, but may harm the interests of most Americans At the same time□•□=, according to European media reports•◇, the US trade representative said that the EU wants to exempt the United States to ensemble steel and aluminum tax on Europ.

China Paris May 28th (Reporter Li Yang) French President Mark Dragon visited Rwanda on the 27th••▷, recognizing the responsibility of France in the Rwanda Holocaust in 1994▪••. Mark Dragon speaking a speech at the Bigger Memorial of Rwanda, a speech in Rwanda Capital, said that it has recognized the responsibility of France in the Rwanda massacre▼△•. He said that France has political responsibility against Rwanda and is obligated to face history•◆-, and knows the pain suffering from the people of Rwanda▪•●; however…●◆, France has chosen silence for the truth survey. Data Map: French President Marcro▪★. Markon stressed that France did not participate in the race extinct that occurred at the time★▼□, “Not a murderer”. The Massacre Memorial is buried ov.

The original title is heavy! Two high this year will do the 12 big things, will affect your life today, the Supreme Peoples Court, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, ▷=”freshly released”. Sweeping the evil, strictly playing telecommunications network fraud, punishing duties crimes .□★△.. Peoples Daily client first, “two highs-◁” this year, this year…△▷★, it is close to you. 1. Sweep the black and evil [Supreme Law] actively participated in the special struggle of dislocking. [Supreme Examination] Carry out the special struggle of dislocking in accordance with the law, severely punish evil forces and their “protective umbrella”. 2◁▼◆, combat illegal fund-raising, online pyramid scheme [highest law] to punish fund-raising fraud, illegally absorb public deposits=△■□, etc•=□▷.▼●☆△, and maintain good social order. [Supreme Check] Key to punish illegal fund-raising◁◆•, online pyramidis.

Original title: The intentions finally went home rpet polyester□▲▲• functional fabric eco-friendly sportswear, new innovative fabrics! The fifth batch in the Han Zhijun Martyrs remains returned to the country CCTV. Yesterday (March 28)…★, the fifth batch of 20 in the Han Chinese Peoples Volunteers Martyrs, from the Chinese Air Force Airport to transport back to the country. The transfer ceremony was performed on time on time at 10▼•▼:00 am, and the Korean army band played music. The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Passengers took over the Hanfang soldiers, and the representatives of China and South Korea signed a handover, confirmed the remains of 20 volunteers☆◇. The remains of the Martyrs and related Relics★▲=…. The Chinese ambassador to South Korea is the remains of the volunteer martyrs, and all Chinese people have to volunteer martial arts. Subsequently□◁★, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Square escort the remains of the martyrs boarded the air force. The Air Forces staff team pays tribute to the volunteer martyrs◇◁○. 20 椁 is ne.