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seaqual textile:Original title▽▲: From the “World Factory•○” to a higher level, on February 26 this year, COSCO held a ritual in the largest port of Greece, celebrating the companys wholly-owned Bidding Pier Co.▲=◁, Ltd. A 20▽◇○,000 standard box-level container berth is officially put into use▷▽, as well as the Groups 20,000 standard box-level container ship visited than Hong Kong for the first time. The picture shows the ○••”Central Sea Machineur••” 20,000 standard box-level container ship stops in the port of Piravez☆◆▽. In the past five years◇▼●, facing the structural problems of the world economic recovery and the structural problems in the domestic economic development, and the deep contradictions•■•▼, Chinas face, pioneering▷☆=□, economic strength, the new level, the gross domestic product increased from 54 trillion yuan By 82★▷▲.7 trillion yuan◆◆, an average annual increase of 7.1%☆○; Chinas economic structure has a major chang.

Original title: I am related to your money▷■◆◆! The provident fund will have a large change, lets take a look seaqual recycled polyester○○▼• ethical fabric! With the personal ID card■=■…, you will have a collection of provident funds online; What are the specific? Beijing Provident Fund Management System is upgraded that the personal mobile phone to extract the provident fund reporter learned on April 8 that the Beijing provident fund extraction does not need to pass the unit through the mobile phone. Can handle it. At 0☆▽△:00 to May 9th▽■▷, May 9th, the Beijing Provident Fund Management Center will conduct system upgrades•◆◁. The promotion of the provident fund deposit and extraction during the upgrade will be suspended. After the system is upgraded, the public can adopt the ••◆●”Beijing Provident Fund…▽” App, Alipay Life “and WeChat Public No. Beijing Reser•=.

Original title: The Standing Committee of the two provinces of Guizhou has changed the same day, and one person has another approved by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China: No Comrade Liu Xiaoyais Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee; Another use of Comrade Tang Chengpei in the CPC Central Committee●▲-. According to public information, Liu Xiaoyai was born in March 1962, the Miao, the original Guizhou Provincial Committee, the Minister of the United Front, has served as the Party Secretary and Chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference in January this year. Tang Chengpei was born in September 1964. He has been working in Anhui Province. , The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee. Liu Xiaokai•▷-, Liu Xiaoyai■-, male, Miao•=, March 19.

Original title▲○△□: Shanxi implements a personal teachers report system: whether the gatherings are completed, and the teacher must report the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education recently released the new government. From the spring semester of the 2018…○▼•, the teachers personal teachers moral report system is implemented. Teachers self-assessment to the school and accept the supervision of education authorities. Among them, primary and secondary school teachers will focus on reporting about extracurricular training, whether they accept gifts▼•■□; college teachers focus on academic character, and whether teachers and students are healthy. Heavy case group No. 37 (WeChat ID: ZHONGANZU37)▷▼▪, note that as a supporting measures, Shanxi Education System will also establish “List of teachers△★◁”, as a “blacklist★▪” in the field of education, the teachers failure behavior is recorded•◁▲, will affect Its work and promotion. Classmast••■▽!

Original title: From the “Leading Group” to the “Committee”▲…: Comprehensive deepening reform into a new stage source▲★•…: China Communist Party News Network Yesterday afternoon, the central governments comprehensive reform committee held the first meeting, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China△★□•, President of the Central Military Commission The central government has a comprehensive deepization of the Director of the Reform Commission Xi Jinping issued an important speech. Li Keqiang, deputy director of the central government, deputy director of the Reform Commission, Wang Huning, and Han Zheng attended the meeting. “Establishing Shanghai Financial Court” “Reforming State-owned Enterprise Salary Decision Mechanism•△•◆” □▷□•”Strengthening the Construction of the Peoples Conditioner Team” … This meeting launched reform initiatives in multiple fields▪◁•. Hu Min Hu Min, a researcher of the National Institute of Administration, talked about the Chinese Communist News Net reporter, and a new round of reform entered the □•”hard bone” attack, it is necessary to closely intend to deepen the party and national institution?industrial textiles – headliner upholstery marine litter,