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lingerie:Data Map: Tiangong No●•▼•. 1 interior=▪-•. China News Agency sent Qin Xianan. China News News Heaven, the Tiangong No. 1 is about to “curtain” to the ground▷●◁•. The probability of harm is very low on March 9◆◇☆. An article entitled “Dont▷•▪, Tiangong No.1″ is circulating in a circle of friendships, attracting many aerospace hobbies. The sadness of people. At around 19:00 on the 8th, Tiangong No.1 appeared in Beijing. It appeared from the northwest▪▲, rosted from the Arctic Star▽◇▲, ★…-▼”through★…▼▪” Beidou Qixing, disappearing in the northeast direction. The article said that for friends from Beijing and the surrounding areas, it is almost impossible to see Tiangong No■☆▲.1 after March 9-▽. According to the current track information, Tiangong No. 1 turned to this area next time should be early in early April◁◁○. But then◇•○☆, is it still there•△? The reporter learned that the track near Tiangong No.1 has dropped to 230 kilometer.

Original title: Zhang Qiwu, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference☆▲◇: The “Buddha Youth▷=☆▽” will still have the spirit of struggle ▲☆▷”Although the cultural culture has its value▲□★◆, now the young people must have the spirit of struggle▪●•….” National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Beijing Zhang Yiwu●○, a professor of the University Chinese Department◁•, said in an interview with future network reporters. National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Professor of the Chinese Department of Peking University, Zhang Yiwu Oriental IC Diagram, December 2017, ☆□◆”Buddha Youth★□” entry brush friends circle, fire all over the Internet. The Buddhas young meaning is a kind of how to do it, not a big heart○•☆, look at the living method used to compare your own recent state and the attitude toward life…◆■, this word represents a young man who is unordered, arrived▷▼. No desireside…△. Why is the Buddhas youth after many 90s? Zhang Yiwu believes that now China .

Original title: Helicopter forced landing□-, 4 injuries involved in Beijing, Beijing area◆▪▷, temporarily suspended New Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Wei) On July 30, a helicopter flying due to failure forced Beijing Chaoyang. On the 7th★★•, the helicopter belongs, Huabin Tiaxing General Aviation Co•☆., Ltd., published an announcement, has received the Civil Aviation Authority notice, during the accident survey, suspended all flight activities in Beijing; at the same time combined with safety inspections, carry out the companys safety rectification jobs. Previously, the Beijing News reported that on July 30▲◇, a civilian helicopter in Chaoyang District◁△▽, Beijing suddenly fell▪○◁◇. The reporter learned from Beijing Huabin Tianxing General Aviation Co.▷▪▼○, Ltd. that a Bell 429 helicopter encountered a special task in the vicinity of Jingcheng Expressway◆▲□…, and the pilot timely disposes away from the crowd. Beijing police report, the accide.

Original title: Headline Moti is coming! This time, what he wants to “take away▽☆=” from China○☆△▷? From April 27th to 28th, India Prime Minister Modi will hold an informal meeting with Chinese leaders in Wuhan-▽…■. The Indian Redev website said that the leaders of the two countries will △-…▪”talk about the new model of the relationship between the India△△”. There is public opinion noted that after the end of the cave in August last year, the subtle changes in the relations between the two countries were particularly attractive-•★◁, and Moti expects what effect on this line, and also triggered media guess. There is an analysis that it is effective to establish trust and eliminate misunderstandings will be the results of Modi to “take away•□•◇” from China. ▲ Motiimi is looking for a new to Chinas strategic positioning for the informal meeting of the Chinese and India, Indian media is highly concerned, which not only uses a large number of reports•▲, but al.

Original title: Norwegian Finland will travel to Chinas new corridor in the Arctic Circle? [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] Recently☆▽…=, located in Norway, Norway, Finland announced that it plans to build a railway in the Arctic Circle▽…•, open the transportation line of the existing railway network in Finland to the Arctic Ocean, and is considered the European “Arctic Corridor” plan See the prototype. In this blueprint, Finland will become a hub on the △•…”Arctic Silk Road”▲…. According to Xinhua News Agency, the Ministry of Transport and Communication☆◁, the Ministry of Transport and Communication, which plans to build a railway in the Arctic Circle, connect Norwegian Hilkenes△●=■, Rovaniemi, Finland (Rovaniemi…☆●, Luova). Leni is located in the Arctic Circle◁■, East 25 ° 44 ■◁, north latitude 66 ° 30, is the capital of Lapland, some people also call Finla. eco friendly disposable cups shein wholesale seaqual recycled polyester printed twill fabric denim material!