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plastic sea:Original title◁☆: Historical memory: Great feat to let million serfs stand up – Write in the ninth Tibet Million Rufan Liberation Memorial Day, Zhang Yun○▲▪★, March 28★…, 1959◁•, is a great meaning of Tibet. Day▷△…★, the central government announced the dissolution of the Tibet local governments, exercised their powers by the Preparatory Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region, leading the people of Tibet to carry out democratic reforms, thoroughly abolished the millennium, and the indentation of political teachings The system, making millions of serfs over liberation, when the home is the master•▪○, the local society in Tibet achieves the historic change of the earth, ushered in a new era of continuous development of prosperous civilization. The Darre Group servants main forces have made many beautification work for the old Tibetan political temporary seri syste.

Original title▼☆△-: Restoration of the United States will provide a relief to farmers: Trade war will only damage people •◁”Foreign Ministry Spokesmans Office” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) message, on July 25, the Foreign Ministry◇…●, the Foreign Ministry•◁, the reporter asked The US government announced yesterday that it will provide US farmers with $ 12 billion relief to compensate for the impact of Sino-US trade war. Whats your opinion? Dellar: For specific responses to this issue, you should ask the business sector=○◇. I just want to emphasize: First◁△★, we have said many times before, the trade war has no winner, the US insisted that the trade war will only harm others▽●…▲. Second▼◆, we hope that the United States listens to the rational sound of the domestic community•▲-□, listen to the general voice of the international community, recognize the situation, weigh the pros and cons•▽▷★, dont get away from the wrong roa!

Original title: China “Ocean Garbage” ban implements the month of US waste▼•◇, Chengshan officials, requested to revoke September 9, 2011=▲, in the Jiaojiang Port of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province★□, and a worker keeps the hill-like ▽■◇▪”foreign garbage▷-“. Image Source: Visual China, in July last year☆▪, the Chinese government announced that in order to solve domestic pollution problems△…, it will ban 24 “foreign garbage” from foreign countries since January 2018. At the 23rd, at the 23rd, at Geneva, the US representative requested China to cancel this ban. “We demand that China immediately stops implementing and modifying these measures, complying with global waste trade standards•◁, which is transparent, commodity recycling trade★▼, which is conducive to the environment, provides a global framework .◇▽.. Chinas import restrictions on recyclable goods lead to global was.

Original title: The world is coming again in the window of the Chinese trajectory circular plastics◆□○ pcr resin – things made from recycled plastic canvas columbia,! China enters the ▷○”two sessions” silk organza fabric price synthetic leather upholstery! The worlds second largest economy two sessions have attracted the continuous improvement in the world. At 4:30 pm on March 2▽…, the first press conference of the two sessions this year – a press conference held in the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC in the Great Hall of the People. The scene is full of reporters, many people sitting◆△•. The National Political Consultative Conference on the Conference is crowded with many people to sit on the ground…★○. This year=□■, there are about 2◇▷,000 reporters and more than 1○▲,000 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign journalists to participate in the two sessions this year. The two sessions open, but this years components are extraordinary. This is the five-year reselection conference, and the personnel arrangements become the biggest suspense■◁•▪; this is the meeting of the 40th anniversary of the reform, and countries close attention to the next China econom○=◆■?