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industrial fabric:Original title▲▽: The 81st Group 81 Yongxiang Ma will serve as the deputy director of the retired military Affairs●==◇, todays -▼=△”military representative”, the military representative of the retired military affairs, welcomed the deputy minister: Army No. 81 The military and political council Yongxiang Yongxiang will. The deputy director is Fujian, born in August 1966, who has been working in the original 31st group army, the first group army, etc★●△□., the grassroots experience and experience are very rich. Fang Yongxiang is willing to this news, no matter whether it is dedicated to the military, it is exciting●○. “When the soldiers are more understanding, they are the biggest language of the soldiers, and they will be more demons and veterans.” I remember that when the Detailed Military Affairs Department was established, many retired soldiers expect future retired military affairs department to have more knowledge troop.

Original title: Openman has a true scenery (bell) ◆☆”Peoples Daily▲◇▪” (March 26, 2018), the tide of the tide, and the hands of the red flag flag-=▼. However, in this way, open open-minded momentum and brave, can make the wind and unlimited future trade protectionism. Recently★▼•=, a round of round, the United States launched a large-scale critic tariff attack on imported goods, released the tension of the major trade war in the global market, and those who were as the economic “barometer◁★▼★” stock market quickly turned into the market★••, and destroyed the market value, Impact confidence. It is indeed the moment of anti-global anti-wind○•▼□, and the high wall of the protectedist is erected, and the foreign media has issued “the world to enter the top of the snow” era “. People are asking, some countries have encountered their own developme▼☆■▷!

Original title□●••: The provincial general trade union released the implementation of the grassroots trade union fund revenue and expenditure management implementation rules birthday fee to 400 yuan to give birth to the highest thousand yuan Guangzhou Daily News (Full Media reporter Wang Xiaoquan correspondent Wang Ya) reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial General Union, recently Formulating and issuing the implementation rules (trial) “(trial)” (trial) “(trial)▽◆★” (hereinafter referred to as …▲”Implementation Rules◇△◇”, in accordance with the various expenses of the employee, 23 expenditure projects have 14 new Increase the project★◇●. New welfare includes marriage, retirement, funeral condolences◆▷=★, etc., all have corresponding condolences▷▲, condolences to gold issuance standards. The retirement can issue a new project of not over 100 souvenirs, and the trade union members marriage••□◆, when birth, the grassroots trade union can give condolences and condolences■★, standards generally no more than 1◁▼☆,000 yu.

Original title: Subsidy to the private school▪○, close to the education coupon system to buy a degree in the private school★•▲◇, and the big probability will improve the scale of the educational expenditure, make up for the gap between the national and public average education funds, which in turn promotes the equalization of education. ▲ Source: Xinhua News Agency Nie Jiming Recently, Shenzhen, in part▼□, the deputy of the deputy of the private primary and secondary schools☆●▪•, and the non-depth family holding a residential certificate will begin to apply for the 2018 degree subsidy. As early as 2012, Shenzhen began a student who met the customers compliance education to study the private school to give degree subsidies. In 2017★◆○, the subsidies will be increased to primary schools per year to 7,000 yuan per year, and each child is up to 9,000 yuan per year. Compulsory education is the basic public service of the city☆▷, providing compulsory education requires cost. ear?

Original title▲●=: Third-party testing “failure to run the Mercedes” income did not lose control, if the truck is mainly responsible? “The fixed speed cruise failure, the Mercedes-Benz is running on the high-speed 120 yards.” On May 26th, Mr. Xue, the Mercedes-Benz owner, publicly issued the judicial appraisal of third-party testing agencies, according to the identification results However, there is no loss of control during the driving of the incident sections. If it is indeed a failure of the vehicle itself▼■△-, it is entirely caused by the driver himself. Does the Mercedes-Benz owner need to bear the corresponding legal responsibility? In this regard, Huang, Beijing Chaoyang Law Firm◇…▲, believes that if the appraisal conclusions can be used as the final response, Mercedes-Benz owners will face administrative punishment and bear the corresponding civil liability. 3775 words in full text, reading about 6 minut. famous footwear coupons stainless steel back water resistant watch priceeco friendly bedding – carbon fiber material imitated 8oz canvas in RPET polyester banarasi jacquard,