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textile buying office:Original title●-: A spokesperson: Resolutely opposing the United States to sign the “Communication Act” and Taiwan, March 18, the State Council spokesperson Anfeng Mountain responded▼☆. Q▼▼◇: According to reports, the US has signed the ▲■▲”Communication Act…◆★☆” and Taiwan. What comments do States agencies have this review? A: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has shown that we resolutely oppose the strict position of the United States to sign the “Taiwan Communication Act”, and have proposed it to the US to negotiate. The relevant provisions of the case did not legally binding●○-, but serious violations violated a Chinese principle and the three joint communiques of China, issued a serious error signal to the “Taiwan independence” splitting power, which caused the complicated grim two-strait relations situation and the peace and stability of Taihai. Severe impact. We firmly oppose this. I also played again in Taiwan, and I will be burned by the fir?

Original title: The Leader Leader★=◇, the PLA will report to Singapore according to Xinhua News Agency, from June 1st to 3rd☆◁●•, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army delegation attended the 17th Shangri-La dialogue in Singapore★△-. This is the Chinese army for 12 consecutive delegations to participate in the “incense”. The Delegation participated in the main activities of this ○★”incense○•◇▽”. He Lei=▼, head of the delegation, He Lei★■, deputy dean-◁, deputy dean◁★☆▷, the PLA, will say in the meeting that China advocates common, comprehensive, cooperative-☆, sustainable concepts•●▽, advocating new international relations with cooperation and win-win, advocating Alliance•■★▲, work hard to build, share, share, win – win situation●▼■◁. During the meeting, During the meeting, the delegation was widely exposed to the representatives of the countries, and in-depth discussion of hot focus issues, explaining Chinese standings and views. He Lei and n.

Original title: Chen Minli is the 6th aftershocks◆=☆◁, and the Chongqing delegation held a plenary meeting in Inner Mongolia Building, and the Delegation of Chongqing held a report on the government and accepted the media interview. When he responded to the issue of □★”political ecology■◁▲▪”▼■○, a member of the Central Committee, Chen Min, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, talked about the two-digit Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Bo Xilai and Sun Zhengcai. Chen Min said: Since the 18th National Congress, the entire political ecology has undergone fundamental improvement, contact Chongqings situation◇☆△▽, Bo Xilai▷△◁▼, Sun Zhengcai two corruption problems are square△◆▷○, but the most prominent is political Corruption. In the partys 18th National Congress, the 19th National Congress…▽■, I investigated the cases of two people△◆★=, very implied, and I have eliminated the political hidden dangers for the party■▪•, and the political ecological pollution source was eliminate△-▲△.tons of plastic in the ocean – underwater pollution.