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continuous filamen:Xinhua News Agency◁◇○, Dakar, May 27 (Reporter Xing Jianqiao) Bamako News: According to the Mali Media on the 27th◇…•■, Mali Pre-transition President Ba Xido and the former transition Prime Minister Mokta Wah was released in the morning According to the “Mali Information Network” “Mali Information Network-▪●…”◆••…, the Malis largest portal is reported, and the Duo and Wahn have resigned from the President of Mali and the prime minister of the transition-◇▷, it is released around 1:30 am on the 27th▷◇◆◆. His family confirms that they have returned home○★▲…. A official who did not want to reveal the name of the Mali said that in the interview with Xinhua News Agency★-, Mali officials visited Wah in the 27th, confirming the “good health•△▲□, mental condition•□▽”. 2.

Original title: “Sichuan Sichuan Killing Case” victims family prosecuting the school school counterfeit requit 20■==…,000 March 27, “Sichuan Sichuan Daxie Case•◇▼” victims family prosecute Sichuan Masters big case. The victim family requested that the Sichuan Master compensated 57,0074▽•.65 yuan. Sichuan Masters made a counterclaim▲◁□•. The family agent of the victim said that the refeck of Sichuan Masters is in line with the law▼=, but it is not reasonable. The victims parents had a total of more than 40-◆△★,000 yuan, and the Sichuan Nirest returned more than 60,000, that is, the victim will pay the parent to pay about 20,000 yuan◁▪. Editor in charge=•▷: Zhang Yili.

Original title: After 6 years, the Chinese people like to buy a house are finally falling! As the most familiar Australian city of Chinese people, housing prices in Sydney and Melbourne have finally begun. The government regulates the main reason for the decline in housing prices, including expanding the supply, tightening credit, and restricting foreigners buying houses▽◆▼…. The Australian real estate recently caught in the ■■”low tide” for decades○▷◇★. According to the British “Guarding○…▼=”, Sydney and Melbourne fell to the first fall in the Australian national house in 6 years▷▼●. Real estate in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia accounts for two-thirds of the total output value of national real estate•●◇, and has always been closely related to both Australian national housing prices. According to the research institutional Domain, as of June this year, 12 in the pa.

On the afternoon of March 11th▷□●, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a third plenary meeting, and the vote passed the “Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China”-•. The picture shows many Chinese and foreign reporters in taking pictures△-■●. Economic Daily – China Economic Net reporter Li Jingcheng Title: Overseas public opinion pays attention to Chinas constitutional – Chinas stable development is expected to come to the next day▽□▷▼, overseas public opinion is warmly concerned about the revision of the Chinese Constitution, and believes that the constitutional reflection of the Chinese Communist Party according to the development of the Communist Party of China Need to respond to the new stage of Chinas economic and social development, so that the Constitution is more adapted to new situation, it is a comprehensive display and centralized expression of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese peoples road, theoretical self-confidence, institutional confidence●□, and cultural confidence. German legal experts believe that the Constitution should continue to adapt to the new situation as the fundamental law of the countr-△-●?

Original title: The national office sent more than 180 staff members “listening to” two sessions, what they all heard◇□? There is such a group of people in the two sessions. They are neither a representative of the Peoples Congress nor a member of the CPPCC. They are from the national office◇□▪. During the national two sessions in 2018△▲▪, the Office of the State Council sent more than 180 staff members to the National Peoples Congress▲◆▲○, the Committee of the CPPCC, and listened to the records of the representative committee. Listening records are not simple. According to the national requirements, these records must ensure that the content “original juice” is closely to ▪▼”dry goods-□○▷” “hard goods”. Also at 12=☆:30 per day, the first time will be summarized in the morning and afternoon record, many of the information will be reported to the …•▷”leaders of the State Council for the first-handed◁■○” report. Sea amount of opinion suggestion, how to summarize, how to summari denim upholstery fabric bikini bra brushed tricot – double knitting wool jacquard cloth jersey knit cotton,!