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fabric suppliers:Xinhua News Agency☆•○, Beijing, March 16th◁●: The wonderful answer to the new era Xinhua News Agency commentator ◇●”The era is the retail person, we are the answer person, the people are the wolvey=○.” Standing in 2018■●◆○, the national two sessions•◁△, this second session, the historical node Looking back, we have a common feeling○■▪: the five years since the 18th National Congress of the party, the partys central party, the partys central party, the leader, the historic achievement of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the Chinese land happened=••. Historic change is shocking. The wonderful answer=•, written in the common belief of hundreds of millions of people: the root cause is to learn the strong leaders of the party centrons party in Xi Jinping as the core=□, in the scientific guidelines of China s characteristic socialist thinking. This is a stormless answer-☆: it is the total China s total economy from .

Original title…-■: This scandal•◇, the wrong is the Japanese★◆, the result is the accurate Chinese to the Chinese According to Japanese media reports, recently, the news of Japans …-“pension information entry☆◇◆” is a lot of trouble in Japan, causing a strong dissatisfaction with many Japanese people. After the Japanese media, this is a mistake caused by Japanese companies◁-▼☆. It turned out to have a relationship with China. According to Japanese media reports…☆, in February this year○•, approximately 104-▲,000 people did not carry out the income control (according to the personal situation of the taxpayer, reduce the tax amount)□▪, thereby paying too much tax, leading to the pension The gold is less than the amount, with a total of 2.013 billion yen (about 119 million yuan). At the same time●☆○, there are 45,000 Japanese people to have a lot of mone.

Original title●☆: (International) Chile and Argentina will implement a single visa to China Tourists San Diego August 22 (Reporter Wang Pei) Chile and Argentine Foreign Minister signed an agreement on the San Diego in Chile•□▪, decided to China will Tourists implement a single visa to facilitate Chinese tourists to enter the country★…◇. On the same day, the Foreign Minister of Chile Roberto Apularo and Argentina Foreign Minister Daojach Signed the ▲▲▷◆”Agreement of Chile and Argentina to recognize the Chinese citizen tourism visa”△□▲△. From January next year, Chinese citizens can travel to the two countries only to the country of travel▷•◁▷. According to the agreement, Chile and Argentina will issue a tourist visa with “Adza Tourism” label=◆. Chinese citizens holding this visa must first enter the country, then can be 90 da.

Zhongxin▼○.com Beijing May 27 (Reporter Sun Zifa) China Science and Technology Museum of Science and Technology, on the occasion of “June 1” International Childrens Day in 2021, the museum will join hands with the China Chemical Museum, TV Media “Decoded Science and Technology History△◆” column In the eve of ○▼=”June 1″, “Children, Multi-Person-Science” Childrens Day special event is intended to stimulate the curiosity of young children and guide children to understand the unique charm of scientific culture. The Childrens Day special event is scheduled to start in children aged 7-13 at the age of 7-13 on the evening of May 29•▷▽●. By then, children who make up the successful age will have the opportunity to participate in interesting experimental interactions and fierce game challenges, and jointly open a wonderf?