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car fabric repair – plus size footless tights.bci certification:Original title: The latest! Adjust the standard standard standard for social security payment■△▼, your treatment will change! The Tianjin Municipal Peoples Social Security Bureau issued a notice◆▲, from April 1, adjustment of the social security payment base standard. Workers (ID◁-★•: Grrbwx) Discovery□=▪, there have been more adjustment of social security payment◇○▷. As a result, the treatment of employees will also be affected and together. Adjust the standard Tianjin: From April 1st•★=, Tianjin 2018 employer and employee pay the minimum standard of urban workers basic pension, urban workers basic medical▽■○△, unemployment, work injury and birth insurance base•◇▷●, from last years 3159 Yuan raised to 3,364 yuan, the highest standard was raised from 15795 yuan last year to 16821 yuan. In addition…-, individual industrial and commercial households and flexible employees p.

Original title▲△▼: 45 billion debt suddenly burst, Zhejiang star company is in a hurry workwear online☆▲ sustainable materials clothing! A big rescue has begun to select □▼◁”500 Chinese private enterprises▼○◇” in 16 years. Last year…▼, the 27th of Zhejiang 100-digit company is listed•-•■, due to the difficulty of financing the debt, encounters liquidity dilemmas 75Dx150D slightly brushed recycled PET dyed polyester in navy blue color! Shield Anne report showed that the Groups interest-like liabilities of the Group exceeded 45 billion yuan▪▽, “” That urgently requested the provincial governments to coordinate and promote the measures to solve the crisis “.” ▲ Hangzhou Shield An Building, every reporter★▷•, Ye Xiandan / photography on May 2, Zhejiang Provincial Financial Office held the Shield Animation Coordination Association◁★◇◇, solving emergency problems such as Shield Group Bond Finance and Bank Loans…★. On the same day……◆, the two A-share companies under Shield An, and the Jiangnan Chemical Synchronous suspension. Daily economic news (mic▼=•▲.

Hubei Daily News (Reporter Liu Na) On the afternoon of July 20th▷○□, Wuhan held the citys leading cadre meeting, announced the central decision: Comrade Ma Guorong Ren Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Secretary. Jiang Chaoyiang◇■, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee■◇▲, attended the meeting and speaking. Comrade Ma Guoqiang, Ma Guoqiang, male, Hui■▪◆, Hebei Dingzhou, born in November 1963-◁△◆. He is currently a member of the 19th Central House, a member of Hubei Provincial Committee=★…■, a Standing Committee◇◆●, and Deputy Secretary■★. 1980.09-1984▲◆▼.09 China Institute of Technology, Department of Management, Department of Management, Beijing Iron and Steel, School of Management, School of Management, 1986●◇-•.08-1991.09 Beijing Iron and Steel School Management Science Department Finance and Accounting Teacher 1991.09-19 chinese fabric!

Original title: Feng Yuanzheng★▷: There is a waste of national art funds★-, giving the country to sealing the box Wu Chuxulu-○■-, China Youth Network Beijing, March 2•◆, the first elected National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Feng Yuanzheng is interviewed by Chinese Youth Network It will be disclosed that he will submit a proposal for the use of the National Art Fund. “The time of investment and use of the National Art Fund, including completion time, too short.” Feng Yuanzheng believes that the national art fund should be used to build a national literary boutique▷□, there should be artistic, but there should be market benefits, but After the creation unit completes the project, pay some photos, pay the video, and then pay the account. ” -○▼=”After many works have finished▷•☆◆, it will be sealing the country, in fact, this is a waste of art fund.