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medical textiles:Original title: The National Development and Reform Commission on issuing the provisions of the “Network Trading Price Report Jurisdiction”◁•, the province, autonomous region•☆▷, municipality, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Development Reform Commission, Price Bureau: In order to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of network transactions●□, the quality and efficiency, and effectively maintenance The legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators○-△▪, according to the “Price Administrative Punishment Procedure”•▽△, ■▲▷”Provisions on Price illegal Behavior Reports”, we have developed the ▷◁”Network Trading Price Report Jurisdiction”. It is issued to you, please conscientiously implemented. Attachment=▼: Network transaction price report jurisdiction stipulates National Development and Reform Commission Source•■: Price Supervision and Inspection and Anti-monopoly Sub-station Accessories Network Trading Price Report Jurisdictions In order to continuously improve network transaction pri▲▲◇●!

Original title: Central Car Reform Office convened local official vehicle system reform site meeting■●, this paper is the website map of the National Development and Reform Commission of the Peoples Republic of China★•◆◇. The website map of the Peoples Republic of China is further accelerating the construction of local official vehicle platforms▪▪△◁, and promotes advanced experience in local cars. Consolidate the reform of the local grassroots bus reform, successfully completed the car reform tasks assigned by the central government, March 29th to 30th, the Central Car Reform Office held a local official vehicle system reform in Lanzhou City■★◁•, Gansu Province. The members of the Central Vehicle Reform Leading Group▲●▽▼, in addition to 29 provinces and city car reform, Gansu Province, and the responsible comrades of the city car reform office in Gansu Province participated in the meeting. The meeting organized the field visited Gansu Province, Zhangye City, Zhangye Ganzhou District, three-level business vehicle management platform=◇=, on which the platform operation☆=, scheduling▪□▷, and management. Gansu, Nor.

Original title: Behind pediatrician is a shortage of indifference to childrens medicine, “pharmacists working to children hospitals, there is no training in children…▲◇=, how to supervise childrens clinical medication▽★○?” Former Secretary for Beijing Health Bureau-○▼◁, Pediatrician Association of Chinese Medical Association Zhu Zong Han, the Honorary President, let the venue fall into silence. On the 23rd, at the development seminar, the pediatrician medical school held in Nanjing Medical University□▲, many experts believe that behind the long-term shortage of pediatricians in my country is the indifference to children medicine, restore childrens department, not simply cultivating several students. Instead, we must re-plan development childrens medicine on the basis of life sciences. ○■▽”Golden Eye, Silver Surgery…◇△•, Malays and Tigers, Dont do pediatric children”▪○, this sentence in the doctors circle for many years of ridicule may also be a pediatric portrayal★▽. chi upholstered stool apparel!

Original title…□☆▼: The peoples micro-evaluation-★▷▼: there is no online red @ Peoples Daily in front of the law September 11 news•○●△, walking dogs do not pull the rope, but also suspected of intentionally hurting pregnant women. There is no net red in front of the law△…•▲, only citizens. “Nethong” is not a body character, more non-privilege pass, the more ▼◇□=”fans★□★”, the more you need to control☆☆○. Moral return•▪☆•, laws belongs▪…★, not biased, not expanded••. Defend the legal righteousness, let the law-abiding have a bottom gas, and the illegal people will be afraid. Source: @ Peoples Daily Click to enter the topic: female net red dog dog does not pull the rope also beaten pregnant women have been detained Editor: Huo ◁●•★.

Original title▼…: New era of the waden cattle – Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Youth Intellectual Sketch Source: Yangtze River Network Cow●◇, Yan Zhen Ding will never stand up. “圳••□■”, in the Hakka dialect, the meaning of the fields in the field. For more than 30 years, the entrepreneurs in Shenzhen have become an international metropolis. Now, Yan Zhen is to follow the pace of the ancestors…◇, come to the city to build a business, temper quenching☆-. In just a few years, Yan Zhending leads to the entrepreneurial team of Shenzhen Langdu Biomaterial Co.★▷•▪, Ltd., working hard in this high-tech field of biomedical materials☆◁-●, so that domestic medical devices will gradually go high-end. ■▪” 20d ripstop nylon canvas sdsu!recycled material.