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innovative textiles – home storfurniture!plastics in the ocean:Original title: [Pollution Forecast] Expert Forecast April 1-2, Beijing■◇▪■, China, South China…◁■•, will appear in the middle to severe pollution, according to China Environmental Monitoring Station, Beijing, China Environmental Monitoring Station◆○, the latest air quality forecasting forecast for Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding area, From April 1st to 2nd, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area will have a middle to severe pollution process. In response to the above, the National Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Treatment and Central Organization Experts predicts the air quality situation of this process•-. Since the end of March, with the end of the heating period, all kinds of industrial enterprises in the autumn and winter in Beijing●●, the surrounding areas have resumed production▽●…◇. While industrial corporate pollutants have increased significantly, steel , Industrial emissions such as cement building materials increase the maximum. Due to the production of heavy chemicals due to heavy chemica?

Buy continuously 12 oz denim fabric! What is the direction of the Northern funds in Jiao△○•-? The Shanghai Index is strong in the four-year-old, successful breaks through 3,600 points. The north is re-placed again-•…•, and the net bought is 14.6 billion yuan. At the same time○-…★, MSCI completed quarterly adjustments, and a group of new companies included▼…★-. At this time, everyone is most concerned about, maybe it is the important direction of the north to Jiaojing? Since May 25▼◆■•, the north has begun to buy A shares in the Northern Fund◆•▪, and it is more than 2 billion yuan in the 25th, and the net bought 9 billion yuan on the 26th. Yesterday, the north is still not slowing down. According to the oriental wealth network data, the Shanghai stock purchase is 6.338 billion yuan, and the Shenzhen share net purchase is 8-•.289 billion yuan◇=★, and the net purchase is up to.

[Air China flight a man passenger psychosis★◆△, the flight attendant, the special shot of Henan Province, the deputy governor, the scene of the scene◁▽○, the 15th◇●●•, the Air China CA1350 of Changsha to Beijing is prepared from Zhengzhou. A man used a steel pen to hold a flight attendant. In Xinzheng Airport▪★, the Vice Governor of Henan Province, the public security department of the Public Security is comfortable◁□, saying that the womans marriage is innocent▼◁△, and the man is controlled. According to @ 平安 中国, the man Xu Xu is a Hunan, and the incident is suddenly mentally ill. Related reading▲☆: Exhibition of incident: Suspective mental illness Handheld steel pen holding passengers Changsha to Beijing flight due to illegal interference preparation to Zhengzhou passenger safety dropping machine due to public safety reasons◆◁, Air China Fountain pen stension attendant live picture exposu.

Original title: Two Sessions Liu Shijin: Maintaining 6.3% of the growth rate can achieve a comprehensive construction of a well-off society in a well-off society◆□-▽, the former deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center, Liu Shijin, Vice President of China Development Research Foundation◇■, in the CPPCC The Economic Group resident said that this years economic situation is expected to be overall△□, and there will be high-speed growth. In the next few years, Chinas economic growth will remain at 6■□.3%★◇▪…, and it can achieve the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way in the past 2020. (Original title “Liu Shijin: Maintaining 6…☆•.3% growth can achieve a comprehensive construction of a well-off society in a 2020□□”) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor▽◁◁: Zhang .

Original title: Shandong grassroots statistics have a hard bear……△: the township equipping statistics are not less than 3 people reporters learned from the Shandong Provincial Government Station that the General Office of the Shandong Provincial Peoples Government issued “Notice on Further Strengthening Statistics Basic Basics▷☆” (below Abbreviation “Notice●▽▲★”)★◇, the purpose is to solve problems with weak statistical strength, low quality▼●△, insufficient fundamental guarantee, and strong standard management have become a prominent bottleneck constraints for statistical reform. The “Notice” contains the statistical power of all the grassroots levels, focusing on the quality of the grassroots statistical team, promoting the standardization of grassroots statistics, highlighting the statistical work of the department□•▲, continuously improves the level of grassroots statistics, and continuously increase the statistical law enforcement…◆, and effectively strengthen the organization Seven parts of the leadership…•…. ▪○”Notice◆•□” clearly, the township of independent statistical institutions has been establish batik tie dye cotton blend fabric good for summer single bed flannelette sheets!