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chinese textile manufacturers – textilfactory mattress exterior upholstery textiles,seaqual mattress:Original title: Liu Yongfu, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council: Avoiding the distribution of unfair poverty alleviation resources▪○★□, Director Liu Yongfu□○-, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council•▽▷, is accepted at the “Ministerial Channel”•▷▷. (Peoples Network reporter Wengqi Yu) Peoples Network Beijing March 13th (Reporter Li Wei) “How to make a big poverty alleviation resource, play a greater role▪▼◆▪, is the problem that povertodiceship development needs to pay attention to.” A total of 3 National Peoples Congress On the meeting, the Director of the Peoples Great Hall of the Conference, Liu Yongfu, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, said in an interview that poverty alleviation and development resources should be coordinated△△▼=, comprehensive balance▲-, and minimize the gap◆☆☆•, preventing helping unfair phenomena◇-. Liu Yongfu said that the poor counties▽◁▲★, poor people have been standardized△◆★, and the poverty group is given more help in accordance with the procedural procedure.

Original title: Tomorrow afternoon Beijing multi-channel section adopted a temporary traffic control measures to Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) Tomorrow and afternoon time•○, North Five Ring Road, Airport Expressway, Beijing Multi-road▪■, etc=☆▷. Traffic temporary control. The reporter learned from the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau that today (March 2), the Traffic Management Bureau will release the next day, traffic control information. The opening ceremony of the 13th meeting of the National Committee of China was held in the afternoon of March 3△■…▲, 2018 in the Great Hall of the People. On the afternoon of tomorrow, the northern part of the North Five Ring Road, the North Section of Beijing=○, the North Section of the East Second Ring Road Ring●▼☆, Zhongguancun Street■▲▼, College South Road, Datan Tree Road, Che Guzhuang Street, North Section of the West Second Ring Road▼◆; Queen Sanmen Street, Chang△=△▼.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 9 (Reporter Luosha, Gao Jing) National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Law Enforcement Inspection Team on the implementation of the implementation of atmospheric pollution prevention and control law, submitted to the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee meeting, report, ecological environment and other departments It is necessary to develop and publish toxic and harmful atmospheric pollutants before the end of 2018. Report recommendations★●, speed up the formulation of supporting regulations and standards. The sewage permit management regulations were introduced before the end of 2019, and the whole process management and multi-pollutant coordination control of fixed pollution sources were implemented, and the sewage permit was issued according to the industry, region○△●●, and time limit. In 2020△▽•, the construction of the sewage permit system became the core system of fixed source environment management, and implemented ●■▽”a certificate▪-=” management. Market supervision and other departments should accelerate the establishment of motor vehicles and non-road mobile mechanical environmental protection recall systems. B.

Original title: Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Secretary Hu Heping, Governor Liu Guozhong Meets Hao Xiuzhu Shaanxi Provincial Party Secretary Hu Peace Meets with President Hong Xiuzhu, former Chairman of the Chinese National Party. @ 中国 台 网 图 According to Shaanxi Daily◇▲, Ji Heping■=◁★, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee on April 2, and the governor Liu Guozhong met with Xian, China National Party, the Chun Ming, the Chinese National Party, the Chinese National Party, Huang Di▪◆▲◁, Hong Xiuzhu. Hu He Ping said that Shaanxi is an important birthday of the Chinese nation and Huaxia civilization. In recent years★●▲☆, we have burst into the development of the western development, “a belt all the way-△-” construction and other opportunities, play the district▷◆★, resources▲◁△▲, science and education◇▲◁, industries, etc., accelerate the pace, the province Development has achieved a gratifying achievement. We resolutely implement the first pro-concept of recent General Secretary of the General Secretary, support Taiwanese business in the development of Shaanxi, and promoted the cooperation between Shaanxi Taiwan exchange. Cross-strait compatrio•★….