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corporate wear – upcycle plastic,textile:Original title■◇: Chinas iron rail business successfully entered the Bangladesh market recently, China Iron Library Co◁=., Ltd. (referred to as Rail Group) successfully won the Bangladeshi railway project, providing railway lines such as railway lines such as railway lines. Quality of railway lines. Supervision, supply, logistics services, etc★■•. comprehensive services. The winning bid is another business outcome after Chinas iron in South Asia Raise the Orange Line Project of Pakistana Rail▼☆◁. The Bangladesh Railway project of the winning bid is a single-rail distance from the railway. The starting point is Dhaka-▼. The end point is Narajan Ganjie★◁•. The project covers the two-track roadbed from the existing rice rail line. The bridge, flat crossover and supplement The railway construction▪▽▼◁, the railway is 17.05 kilometers long. After the project is completed…▼☆•, it will further improve the railway transportation conditions of Banglades.

Original title: Tiananmen started this Friday to repair the renovation: Beijing Daily This newspaper reporter learned from Tiananmen Regional Management Committee that Tiananmen Tower and Chengtai Repair Program has been approved by the State Cultural Relics Bureau will be officially started on June 15 this year. In order to avoid the construction staff, equipment facilities and tourists cross-cutting during the construction of the repair project…△=•, combined with the construction plan•◁, Tiananmen Tower stopped to open=☆-. According to the introduction of cultural relics experts, during the Ming and Qing Dynasties△▽•, Tiananmen Tower has conducted two major construction; after the founding of New China○•◆, the Tiananmen Tower has been rebuilt in 1970, and the Tiananmen City building after the rebuilding has a strong earthquake resistance, and it adds radio and television. Broadcast and other amenities. In recent years△▷●, through professional institutions, Tiananmen Tower and Chengtai is in a safe state, but al•△=▪!

Original title◆★☆●: (Interpretation and Interview in Two Meetings) In 2018, my countrys tax reduction and tax reduction scale will exceed 1.1 trillion yuan Xinhua News Agency, Beijing March 6 (Reporter Hu Wei, Liu Hongxia) Based on the 5th, the consideration of government work report, 2018 my country will re-tax more than 80 billion yuan for the enterprise and individuals, and reduce non-tax burden for the market main body, the overall tax reduction and tax reduction scale will exceed 1○□.1 trillion yuan. The governments work report is clear. In 2018☆◆●★, my country further mitigated corporate tax burden, significantly reduced the non-tax burden of enterprises△○◁, so that the company was lightly installed□◇…, gathered☆●▲. The report depicts a clear tax reduction price list: – Reform and improve value-added tax, adjust the tax rate level according to the three gears and two directions…◆•○, focus on manufacturing, transportation and other industry tax rates, and improve small-scale taxpaye medical textile…▪ seaqual mattress reviews oceanworks plastic!

# 2018 two will come # [Supreme Law•◇: In the past five years, Hong Kong▲◁○▲, Macao and Taiwan has been investigated▲★•=. 81,000 pieces■▲=△, handling Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Judicial Assistance 58,000 cases. Signing the Mainland and Hong Kongs mutual recognition and implementing two arrangements such as civil judgment of marriage and family, broaden the scope of judicial assistance. It was issued to take four judicial interpretations and documents in the Taiwan area to serve in mainland residents back to the mainland to serve in the mainland, and promote cross-strait judicial mutual assistance. Http: t•….cn/re3awjf Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Y.