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automotive interior textile:Original title: Clearing and price reduction is reduced by 300 billion (at the State Council Policy Blow “)●▪” Peoples Daily “(April 10◆•▽…, 2018) This newspaper Beijing April 9 (Reporter Li Lihui) April 9 On the day, the National New Office held a policies of the State Council▼◆…▪, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, deputy director of the Ministry of Human and Social Security◇▷…•, and the Director of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, Zhang Xingwei, the Director of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, introduced the cleaning and regulation of government charges, and the Ministry of Ministry Vice Minister Tang Tao introduced the situation of entrepreneurial innovation work in studying abroad. The unreasonable resolute cancellation of non-tax burden is degraded. “On the basis of more than 60 billion yuan in 2017…●▲▽, this year, the State Council executive meeting has identified four types of government charges. It is expected to alleviate the enterprise throughout the year. Bundry 250.6 billion yua.

Original title: May===, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission◁◇, Railway Corporation△◇□, etc. will be issued recently, requiring the protection of railway operations for the violation of the violation of the rule of the law▷-. Adverse effects, further increased disciplinary efforts to seriously illegally violating the law in other areas☆△▷, to properly limit the specific serious false man in a period of time▷•. It is implemented from May 1, 2018□○□△. At the same time, 8 departments of the National Development and Reform Commission=◁★, Civil Aviation Administration, etc.-☆•, to prevent some of the adverse effects of some passenger violations on civil aviation flight safety, further increased disciplinary intensity of serious violations of law in other fields, restricting specific serious people to ride Aircraft. It is implemented from May 1, 2018. The reporter noted that!

How much water is needed in Chengdu Central City this year? The answer is 2•▲△.186 billion cubic meters, close to 153 library capacity of Hangzhou West Lake, and exceeds two-result in the entire irrigation area. In 2018, the Sichuan Dujiangyan Irrigation District Water Work Association was found, Sun Xiaoming, Director of the Sichuan Dujiangyan Administration, gave an answer. More than 2,200 years ago, Li Bing was built into Dujiangyan water conservancy project. From then on, Chengdu facilitated this world-famous water conservancy project. Today, the coverage area of ​​Dujiangyan irrigation district has reached 10•◆◁◇.76 million mu. However, water is supplied to the downstream, and it is still the top priority of Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project■=□•. And such a situation□▼, even if the second water source of Chengdu, Li Jiayan Reservoir is completed-☆, it is difficult to change. In this years water supply program provided by the Dujiangyan Authority, the reporter saw that this year Cheng▼□△. outdoor collection eco friendly recycled upcycled fabric,