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interior fabric:Original title: Table of the authorities detained 9 continental fishermen with “crossing” to search for overseas network on April 15th, then the continental fishing boat was detained by Taihai Patrol. According to Taiwan media reports, Taizhonghai Tour is at 2 oclock on April 13th□▽. At 33.6 nautical sea outside Miaoli New Pooppo, the mainland “Fu Pingyi 63299″ fishing boat is discovered▽•, and the ▲•◁▽”illegal crossing” is shipped by boarding. Inspection, 9 people in Wei Yuanzhi, who took the captain Wei Yuanzhi▲▲▲, to Taichung Port Investigation□☆◇☆. According to reports, Taizhonghai patrol said that the team found continent fishing boats at 33•▪.6 nautical miles in Miaoli New Poap in the afternoon of the 13th■●○, followed another speedboat, shipping, and with “illegal crossed fishing” as From the four continental fishermen☆▪●◁. Previously, the Taiwan authorities have repeatedly issued the incidents of “crossing” for fisherm.

Original title◁-: Haixi Prevention: Clean up the private microblogging of the officers and soldiers▼◆, did not find the spread of the reform of reform, March 17, the 13th National Peoples Congress★▼◆◆, a meeting voted the decision on the reform plan of the State Council•△▽. The reform of the fire fighting forces received is finally presented●•★-. With the opening of the reform, the Qinghai Province Haixi Fire Brigade takes the implementation of the Ministry★○◇▷, the team video scheduling will be the entry point, and in-depth findings in the management of troops. Mingqi and weakness, accurately study the risk and severe situation of the current troops management◁▼★◆, high-ranking planning, high starting point promotion, high standard implementation, to maintain a set of “combined punches”, fully implement The troops are invisible, the team is absent, the work is constant•▼, the strength is not reduced▲=□●, the fire does not increase. First=△▲◇, enhance political statio▲…•■.

Economic Daily – China Economic Network Beijing March 4 (Reporter Ma Changyan Column) March 3 A development spring, ushered in a new round of development of the golden period○▲◆. Xu Guanju appealed that in the new era of gold, private enterprises should cultivate their core competitiveness and achieve high quality development, and make greater contributions to comprehensive reforms★○▲•. The National Peoples Congress representative, and the Group Xu Guanjue grasped this gold period, set up a high-quality development leading bus, and Xu Guan put forward the power of high-quality development★▲★◆: profound understanding of the characteristics of the times▽□▲; Let the entity economy in the wings of digital technology; highly attach great importance to the supply chain service syst▲■.

The city issued a policy to improve environmental monitoring data▷=, severely punish the environmental monitoring data. In September last year…★, the Office of the CPC Central Committee■•△•, the General Office of the State Council issued the ◁◁△”Opinions on Deepening Environmental Monitoring Reform to improve the quality of environmental monitoring data”◁■, requiring various departments in all regions to combine Develop specific implementations to advance the implementation●◁. Today▪△▪, -•☆”Beijing City Deepening Environmental Monitoring and Reform Improvement Environment Monitoring Data Quality Implementation Plan★○” officially announced. The program clearly implements interventions and records. The city environmental protection department can disclose the person in charge of the government◆…▪△; at the same time, it is necessary to severely punish the enterprise◁○▷●, institutional and personal environmental monitoring data. To achieve a illegal▽★▷, everywhere is limited•●▷▼. Sending false and prominent will be disclosed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the central governmen.