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upcycle water bottles:Original title: Beijing Municipal Peoples Social Security Bureau○□•: In the future, the social security business is going to run the most, the Beijing News News (Reporter Wu is) On March 18•★▼▼, the Beijing Municipal Peoples Social Security Bureau issued a number of measures to improve the convenience of social insurance business▷=-…. ” Twelve 12 specific measures and develop a unified 30 social insurance main business management…△▽▲. In the future, social security business has only need to run a social security office★●-. The Beijing Municipal Peoples Social Security Bureau introduces that the next 80% units and 80% of the business will be directly available. The main business of the insurance registration is implemented in the month, the measures released by the Beijing Municipal Peoples Social Security Bureau include □○▲”Optimizing the Process Process, Reverting the Time”◆◁◁◆, ▼▼”Enriching the Payment Channel, Reduce Payment Time”, “rich payment channels▼…▽, reduce the payment time “Three aspects-◇•, including implementation of appointme!

Original title: Medical Federation and other acceleration promotion members hot discussion into the “deep water area” in 2018 my country will vigorously develop medical union, accelerate the promotion of grading diagnosis. Oriental IC Figure 2018 Government Work Report proposed, deepening the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, coordinating medical prices•■, personnel compensation, drug circulation, medical insurance payment reform, and improve the quality of medical and health services, and vigorously solve the problem of medical treatment. Many members said that medical reforms have entered the “deep water area”▪○■, and there are many ○□”hard bones” to be licking. To this end, this year will vigorously develop medical union, accelerate the promotion of grading diagnosis and treatment●•▪. The implementation effect of “two ticket systems” is assessing recently, the National Research Office of the National Health Planning Research Center, Fu Hongpeng▪△, director of the Department of Medicine Policy, revealed that the state is assessing the provinces “t•■▷….

Original title: Haikou Customs seized 574 wild dry system, department-secondary protected animal reporters learned from Haikou Customs▪-▲, on March 26th, the Guanyi law handed over 547 wild dry system for seizures seized by the Provincial Forestry Hall. It is understood that the big wall tiger is commonly known as 蚧, also known as fairy, is a type of small and medium-sized lizard. The genus is used in pharmaceutically acceptable▽●-, long-term capture, and wild resources are gradually reduced▲=◆☆. The wild walls belong to the national second-level protected animals, and is assessed by the World Nature Protection Alliance as a critical species-▷▷◁, prohibiting passengers, carrying or consigning entry. In recent years, Haikou Customs has implemented the development strategy of “ecological establishment▽-☆●” in Hainan, continuously strengthening port supervision law enforcement▽■◁, severely cracking on genus…▼☆=, 砗磲=•=△, 红 coral and other endangered plants and its products smuggling behavior, strengthening and forestry▷▼, farme marine vinyl near me vertx overflow mesh pouch…▲◆△ faux leather near me crepe twill!

China New Network May 28 (Wang Zaitao Yang Wei) Recently, Minhang Maritime Bureau has repeatedly discovered five AIS static information error ships with the “Net Haid Guard•□” software, and according to law…▪•. Perform investigation▷○…◁. Ship AIS is like a ships “electronic ID card”, which can identify vessels in sea, assist tracking targets, communicating information exchange, and avoiding ship collisions. The ship uses AIS equipment correctly to help standardize water ship sail▼◇■, mooring and work order, enhance navigation efficiency★•□△, and maintain sailing safety. However, some ships do not comply with radio order management regulations, do not use the correct AIS information★▽▼▼, illegal compilation, occupation▷•, and ta-△.

Original title: Tipping high-rise responded for the first time, “flight attendant” case: Platform vulnerability Central Guangwang Beijing May 22 news According to China Voice “News” report□△▪, these days■▽▼▲, Zhengzhou flight attendant dripping Social broad discussion, what loopholes in the management of drip platform? Is it safe to ride a drop in a hurricane? Drip travel company recently responded for the first time▪☆○, Chief Development officer Li Jianhua said, the case of criminal suspects Liu violated the regulations and implemented crimes, indicating that the platform has only a vulnerability. Although the dripping and wind turmoil has been in the past few days, the vulnerabilities exposed in the case are still distressing. How is the safety protection of the drip platform, how should the safety net of the windmill and webmark? According to the Central Radio and Television Termin•-.mountain equipment trousers – 65 poly 35 viscose.