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ocean plastic:Zhongxin Network Lhasa May 28 (Reporter Zhao Lang) Civil Aviation Tibetan Work Conference held in Lhasa on the 28th◁◇▽-. Feng Zhenglin, Party Secretary and Director of China Civil Aviation Bureau, introduced that Tibets civil aviation continued to develop▪◆, so that the civil aviation industrys “affordable line”☆…, the air …○”Life”•◆…, and the national ◁▽”complex line◇△” and the “progress line” are more prominent. On Tibet route-•★, civil aviation has been invested in the most advanced models of high plateau flights, implementing double-machinery flying=☆◁▽, constructing a complete set of systemized plateau flight regulations from airport construction…▼, operation management○…★▽, aircraft performance and equipment configuration. standard. As of now, Tibet Civil Aviation achieves safe flight for 56 years. Feng Zhenglin said, through aviati.

Original title■…: Yang Chunlei: Chuang Shaanxi Procuratorate Brand provides judicial guarantee for economic and social development, and Yang Chunlei, the procurator-General of Shaanxi Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, Justice Justice, the new era, the prospective, Shaanxi prosecutor brand, provide judicial guarantee for economic and social development Beijing March 16th (Reporter Yu Xiji reporter single pigeon) “Shaanxi procuratorial organs must inherit the red gene, enhance the responsibility, strengthen the determination and confidence of the new era prosecution, with the Yanan spirit to create a prosecutive brand. ◆•=•”On March 16th, the National Peoples Congress, the party secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, Yang Chunlei●▽☆, who was passenger★=, Jinchang, and the 2018 National Double Session Series Interview, launched●■. With the “Yanan Spirit▲▪•◁”, the procuratorial brand Shaanxi, as a revolutionary holy place, pregna.

Original title: About the 17 provinces of the house is determined to do the same thing Legal Evening News (Reporter Zhang Rui) 2018 Central Government Work Report•◇, this year, insisted on the house is used, not used to speculate△••▽, Implement local subject responsibility, continue to implement differential regulation, establish and improve the long-term mechanism, and promote the smooth and healthy development of the real estate market. The reporter noticed that in this year, many provincial government work reports, “Improve the housing system for rent”, “strict prevention and control of real estate market risk…▲■” has become the main melody of 2018 real estate market policy, specific measures are manifestation Increase the management of the rental market◇◁■△, increase the construction of affordable housing==. In the view of the famous economist Song Qinghui■▼, there were ten peoples livelihood highlights in the governments work repor.

Original title△●☆: ●▲△○”Love Mother”, “Love Mother” is blowing big bubble Guangming.com commentator May 4, Hebei Province officially issued a news said: multi-department joint law enforcement, the civil construction founded by Li Lijuan, the city The Welfare Village banned, and the Wuan Administrative Example Administration also revoke the registration certificate of private non-enterprise units in the Welfare Village of Welfare Village. When the news came out, public opinion was inherent. The ◁◁▽”Love Mother” in the country has been rated as a person in Hebei, and the legendary story can be said to be three days and three nights. More than 20 years have passed, “Love Mom▽•=●” ​​This beauty is super-high painted, and after all, it is broken★▷•, and it faded. This time○•▪▪, it is neither Jianghu rumors, nor is the villagers recognition, the official notification information instructions two questions: First, the welfare village founded by .cotton fabric wholesale – sustainab fric!

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