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innovative textiles:Original title: 38 members of Chenglong, joint proposal★•: Legislative punishment “Chinas failure■-=” March 8th, 38 National Committee of Political Consultative Conference from Article 26 of the Arts Union jointly submitted a “formulation of national” and national ” Proposal of Dictation Specialized Law. On the morning of March 8, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi responded to the media in the National Peoples Congress, how is the bad behavior of the “fine sun”◆==? He said▷▲▷□: “The★○▽” Chinas failure! ◁☆•▷”On the afternoon of March 8★☆, the 38 National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference from the 26th group of Arts Communities jointly submitted a proposal on” Developing Protection Guo and National Digital Law “. At 4 oclock in the afternoon, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference and the Nanjing University History Department He Yunyao will solemnly hand over the proposal group and the joint signature form☆◁☆. China Youth Network reporter saw the signatu▼▽▽○.

Original title▲◁◁…: (Technology) Israeli and US semiconductor companies expressed their wish and China to strengthen cooperation Xinhua News Agency Jerusalem May 2 (Reporter Chen Wenxian Wang Bo Wen) Israeli Semiconductor Industry The largest annual exhibition ChiPex2018 is in the Titan Rivier in Ji Society. Many industry experts and corporate heads said that Chinas semiconductor market has been very huge, and in the industrys innovation◇=◁▲, it is very happy to join Chinese as partners. The chairman of the exhibition, the CEO of Israeli Advanced System Group (ASG) received Xinhua News Agency reporter, said that there are many advantages in the Israeli semiconductor industry■◇, there are many opportunities to cooperate with Chinese companies, they are very happy Become a partner with Chinese companies▪○. ” According to report. Wuhan May 27th (Liang Ting Li Bin) △★□•”14th Five-Year Plan” Prevention and treatment. Hubei Provincial Ecological Environment held a press conference on the 27th, introducing the provinces ecological environment quality••■. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the Hubei water environment continued to improve△◇▲. According to the notification, in 2020, the main water quality of the main rivers in Hubei Province is excellent□▪=. The provinces 179 provincial-controlled river monitoring and disconnections, the water quality is the section I-III section accounts for 93.9%, class IV accounts for 6=•.1%, no V and inferior V Section★◁▼•. Compared with 2019, the I-III section proportion rose 2.

In order to improve the customer service experience, create a “temperature insurance”, on May 27th, Ping An Life Insurance launched the “Old Guest Enjoyment, Intimate Service” 527 customers enjoy activities, free to provide healthy equity services for about 2 million customers, Let the old customers enjoy the full health cycle to enjoy the rights and interests of “health□■▼, sub-health, small diseases, slow disease■▲●, disease••☆=” five scenes, create “health and care, sub-health is urged, small disease has accompanying, slow disease , The major illness has a special sense of warming service experience○◁◇. In recent years, the national insurance consciousness has continued to increase◁=○▪, and the needs of supporting health services other than simple insurance products have become more and more. In order to solve the customer inquiries, ha. eco friendly plastic eco friendly plastic bagbeach waste – seaqual fabric supplier.

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