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keep oceans clean,customize fabric:China New Network May 27th, according to the Central Meteorological Observatory website, 28-31●▷▲, the cold air and low-rise cutting•▲△, Jiangnan, South China and other places will have a new round of strong precipitation processes. Dildenes, Jiangnan, North China and Guizhou, etc■•. Effects of cold air, some areas of the northwest●▼, North China, Northeast China-■▪•, Huanghuai and other places have 4 to 6 north wind, and some gusts can reach 7 or more=◁…▲. In some areas of Jiangnan and Guizhou Yunnan…▷◆★, some parts of Guangxi and other places have a heavy rain or rainstorm yesterday. At 06, Jiangsu Southwes.

Original title◇…: The front title: Missing the US media to the US media: She has been “deep green-▷○●” to hold Cai Yingwen (information) Overseas network July 3 Taiwanese believes that Cai Yingwen is too stubborn▲★•△. This is because Cai Yingwen is the □▪-“outstanding person▽○★■” of the DPP★■•. Many people inside the DPP are not willing to help her◁▷=. She is now “deep green”. According to the “SME News” Too stubborn. In this regard, Lin Zhongbin, head of the front security department before Taiwan, pointed out that because Cai Ying is a □◆☆”foreign man” of the DPP, has to embrace “dark green”•…. Lin Zhongbin 2 napapijri rainforest camo!

Original title: Ni Qiang, Director of the General Office of Hainan Provincial Peoples Government▪-▷, Director and Director of the Provincial Department of Hai defense and Port Office, the provincial government directly under the unit: Hainan Provincial Peoples Government decided☆◁: Ni Qiang Ren Huayuan Director of the Peoples Government Office of the Provincial Peoples Government And the director of the Provincial Department of Hai defense and Port; Lin Guangqiang Director of the Provincial Copyright Bureau; Bao Hongxie is the Secretary of the Provincial Bureau of Statistics, the deputy director of the Provincial Department of Finance, the director of the Provincial Agricultural Development Office; the regular seal is a deputy department of the Provincial Science and Technology Department Director of the Director (the Office of the Office), is eliminated by the deputy director of the Provincial Public Security Department, the alarms for the Ministry of Public Security; Zhang Zhenhua is a deputy director of the Provincial Department of Taxation (the main hall level); Zheng Feng is the director of the Administrative Service Center of the Provincial Peoples Government●★•◇, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Peoples Government; Sihai Yingye, deputy secretary general of the Provincial Peoples Governmen.

Original title: Heavy news swatch water resistant○•▪! From May 1st▽=★, this regulation will change your life jacquard tape kmart flannel sheets! This is the first administrative regulation for the express industry in my country, which has laid the basis for the high quality development of the express delivery industry from the system level. According to statistics from the State Post Bureau, my countrys express delivery business has been ranked first in the world for 4 consecutive years◁▲. It has added 200◇◆,000 new employment every year=•, and the growth contribution rate of global parcel express delivery rate exceeds 50%. There have been 7 express enterprises in my country•■△, have been launched•●, forming a 7-family income of more than 30 billion yuan☆▽. “Ordinance◆•▼” clarifies the rules of the express mail★○◆, delivery rules; refinement cannot be delivered☆•●, unable to return the express mail rules and express loss compensation rules; specializes in the users personal information protection system, provide the delivery▲◁=…, leak or illegally provide express delivery service User information, et.