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brand owner:Original title: Cai Qi Chen Jinings two-night in Inner Mongolia, two nights: Beijing Daily Written Xu Feipeng Fan Junsheng Photography Dai Bing Tongjun provides a major decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee on the Party Central Committee, April 8th to 10th The Beijing party and government delegation went to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to communicate and docking on poverty alleviation cooperation, and signed a three-year action framework agreement to deepening Beijing Inner Mongolia poverty alleviation. Cai Qi◇▽△-, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Jining and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Li Jiheng, deputy secretary of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region, president of the government, deputy secretary of the party committee, and the president of the Political Consultative Conference. Seeing the Natural Village of Natural Village, South 3rd Natural Village●=◇, Natural Village□•, a warm atmosphere in the two places●…-, Beijing▽◁-▪, Inner Mongolia poverty alleviati▼■●?

China Exchange Network May 27th According to the Malaysia “Singzhou Daily” report△●▷, Yang Xiujuan, from “I cant do” to “I can try”◇=•◁, when I am studying and speaking, there is a slow phenomenon in terms of learning, and I am studying the doctor when I read elementary school. Diagnosis has learning obstacles. Although all the way, although it is difficult to learn and work, she overcome it-◆○☆. Today, she is a baking master and Japanese knitters△…■◁. It is also a tutor who is learning obstacle self-reliance association. She encourages those who have the same difficult learning obstacles with their own experience. When you study the speech◇…-, Yang Xiujuan■•△◇, who was 40-year-old, was expressed in Interview with Xingzhou Daily…○. When she studied kindergarten, her parents found her study and speec.

Original title: my countrys scientific papers and patents The absolute number of people in the world, Beijing April 10 (reporter Yu Sinnan) The China Science and Technology Association released the “2016-2017 China Associations Discipline Development Research Series” on the 10th. The ☆•”Report” shows that 2016 National Input Research and Test Development provides 156•★△☆.767 billion yuan, exceeding the average of 15 countries in the EU••◇■. In the past two years, my countrys discipline has achieved great progress. Mainly manifested in●△: 2016 National Input Research and Experimental Development Fund has been steadily improved, more than 2△◆★.08% of the EU 15 countries; scientific papers and patents enter the rapid growth period▪□◆, the absolute number has ranked first in the world; the discipline platform construction target international first-class, National Science Center◆●, National Key Laboratory□□▪, et★=.mixed wool – simba mattress faux burlap environmental impact,