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fabric manufactuer:Before Taiwan, the leader Ma Ying-jijiyuan: Oriental IC Overseas Network On August 21st, Salvador and Taiwan “Broken=○”, the number of “Friends” has dropped to 17. I sigh, I dont recognize that “Jiu Second Consensus” will cause two sides of the company, and Cai Yingwen does not think so. He shouted to Cai Yingwen…=▷◇: ••”Please return to Nine-two consensus, will find a lot of things.▲•” According to Taiwans =•▪”Mid Electronic News◆◁…”△▽□, today, before the Taiwan region◁▲◆, Ma Ying-jiu, in the event of Harvard camp at the University of Taipei○•=-, talked about Tai Sa, “broken”▽•◆•, deeply sighing. He has reminded Cai English, and does not accept the =▽□”Nine-two consensus•▽” may have a negative impact. He believes that the Cai Authority denies the ◁◇=”Nine-two consensus▪•▼” and uses ambiguous policy, which is very unfortunate□▲▼◆. Ma Ying-jeou said th=•●!

Baiyin Cross Country Press the “Pause Key○■” in the running circle Extension or cancel May 22, Gansu Province Jingtai County Huanghe Shilin Scenic Area held the Yellow River Shilin Mountain Marathon 100 kilometers in the field, 21 participation The person is killed•◇. The incident triggered a big discussion and reflection•▼••, “Marathon” was pushed into the tip of the wind. Since the incident, public opinion is in memory, and there are many questions△☆◇-. This ■▪•”marching…▲☆●” also presses the pause button to the running circle. On May 26th, the topic of runners focused on all kinds of “competition extension▲=◇■” notice: 2021 ▲●▲”Silk Road” Ningxia – Yinchuan Marathon Organizing Committee issued an announcement, affected by epidemic and weath workwear bci cotton – home textiles headliner material sustainable material!!

China New Network May 28th According to the website news of the National Development and Reform Commission The average price of a working day is less than 50 yuan per ton of price reduction in the average price of 10 working days before May 14◆△. According to Article 7 of the Petroleum Price Administration, this steam, diesel price is not adjusted, and the unregulated amount is accumulated or impressed when the next price increase is included. Data Map: The staff of a gas station gives the vehicle. China News Agency reporter Hou Yu took the National Development and Reform Commission pointed out that PetroChina, Sinopec, China -…